Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"news" for January

Just in... Scott is potty trained and lovin' it! Wahoo. Way to go Scott, and Mommy too!

Amber went skiing for the first time!  And no knee pain... Yeah! Nice job Amber!

Seth learned to read... j/k.  He is walking all around as of today... previously he would just go in spurts to be held.  But today it was all around for most of the day.  Worked up quite the appetite.  

more walking pics or video to come.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

finding the right slideshow

this is boring and techie... but I have been working on the family website KnaphusFamily.org and I am trying to find a slideshow embedder that I like. In the older days I would just punch in some html with some pre-loaded pictures and it would play... but times have changed and I don't even know if the internet browsers of today would like my old code. So, I figured I would grab one of these things like google things or flickr things or what-not and see how it goes. But so far... i don't really like any of them enough. Here are a couple examples of what I have found.

This first one is from my flickr account. I like it except that you have to roll over this for the thumbnails to disappear at the bottom.

This one is from picasa (Google's photo spot). I don't like how it doesn't loop. I also dislike the way it doesn't fill the window box it is in.

This one is Google's presentation software (from Google docs). This is basically a "Powerpoint" presentation set to run on a loop. I like it... I just wish I could get rid of the distracting controller at the bottom. Other than that, I like how it fills the window it is in.

I found one from visualslideshow.com and looks very promising. It was a free download. I like everything about it except their little url at the bottom right... we'll see if we can hack it out... in addition, all the images have to be a certain pixels first. But that's easy enough. So, sorry for the boring post... just enjoy the slide shows.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy January

Scott has memorized the spelling of his name... or has he really learned to spell it? I am still not sure. He recognizes letters (he will grab the name-tags Aunt Emily made for our dinner table and will read the letters and the names of the other kids), but sometimes he will forget the 2nd "t" or the "o" in his name. At any rate, it is cute to watch him "read" his books at night. He has become a little afraid of the dark, even though he shares a room with his baby brother. So we have allowed him a flashlight in bed. That's been nice. A good comfort to him. He has also been our only young'un who prefers a specific blanket (although he can sleep without it, no problem). At any rate, his speech is really cute and hopefully we can capture some of those idioms on audio recording before his speech loses all that cuteness. 

Oh, by the way... I am doing family photos at no cost this year... I believe it is important for families to have memories in the form of pictures...  I feel strongly that families need quality photos as part of their family history and memories.  I know that many people in this tight economy can't afford them... so I feel it important to share my talent and love of photography with others this year.  So for the year of 2011 I will be offering family photos at no cost to the families.  I will need to be judicious with the time I give with this offering, but I am willing to help out where I can.  So if you or someone you know is in need of a few good family pictures... let me know and I will try and help out.