Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've been watching the peregrine cam   for Salt Lake.  They are getting ready to fly (within the next week possibly).  Lots of fun for us.  It would be really fun to go down with scope and binoculars and watch them learning to fly next weekend.  There are 4 eyases (baby falcons).  They were cute and stumbling around in all their white downy feathers last week.  Now the eldest is almost all molted.  The youngest is still mostly downy feathers with a few adult feathers.
Peregrines have been clocked at 200mph.  Their diet is mainly composed of other birds.  It is quite amazing to watch them kill their prey, usually mid-air.

Friday, June 24, 2011

"volcano hair"

Scott has the funniest way of saying things.  He is definitely our dramatic little boy.   In fact, our red-heads are level-headed stable ones... while our blondes are the dramatic, moody, whiny ones.

But we love them all the same...

This morning Scott was at the table eating alone (I had already eaten, Sam was waiting for mom to get out of the shower, and the rest were sleeping in due to the Lehi Rodeo getting us to bed at eleven in the pm.

When Scott saw the image on the computer, he said I am small.  (I think he meant short at the table)
He also said, I have volcano hair.  

Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Musings and Murmurings

We went and saw the new Pirates movie tonight.  Very entertaining indeed.  Loved it.
Oh last night... the sky was amazing! And the effect it had on the mountains... especially Lone and Timp, equally breath-taking.

Oh how I would love a view from my house, of the sky and the mountains, unimpeded by urbanisms. 

At any rate, after the movie tonight, during the credits, people were lighting up all around me.  It occurred to me that many people have a burning addiction to their cell phones.  

Well, it's late... Caio

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 Pioneer Trek Video

So, the video is the same as the previous post, but with the dancing scene as a bonus.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trek 2011

What an incredible journey.  12 hours in a car, 3 days, 2 nights, 52 incredible youth, 20 adults, 25 miles of walking, and a mighty spirit of change!

We started out at 5:45 am on Thursday at the ward parking lot.  A little chilly, but promising driving weather.   Left at Mormon standard time, 1/2 hour later than planned.   There was some running around for supplies that morning... but less running than was done the previous night when we realized not everything was going to fit in one trailer.
By the way, before I forget:
Ty and Chelsea came down and watched the kids... they did such a great job!  Thank you, thank you and thank you!  Did I mention thanks so much.  And thanks to mom Mower for facilitating their coming down!

The kids were assigned their families... they really couldn't go wrong... all these kids are so awesome and I would have been honored to have my kids be with any of these parents.
Here are the families... minus a couple of people here and there...

The first stop was Little America... quick potty stop  and then onto Rawlins for gas.
We watched The Work and the Glory movies. I am certain next time all the vehicles will be playing the new 17 Miracles movie.

We arrived at Martin's Cove, and as expected, there were as many tour buses and Suburbans as we had participants. 
We had our lunches, picked up our carts, headed over to the chapel for an opening song, prayer, words from the Bishop, rules from a missionary, and a video.  Not everyone made it through the video...
Then on to the trail... it seems that we arrived just when a stake from Springville Utah arrived. That slowed our pace a bit in the first 6.6 miles to our camp.
The wind was blowing against us.  Much dirt was inhaled, ingested, deposited in ears, eyes, and hair. 
 And many hats were carried away in the wind.  Zane was set with his get-up.
Notwithstanding the wind and sand, and the impending snow falling on the mountains to the south of us... it was beautiful

We did come across a little venomous critter on the trail... but he left when he realized he was outnumbered.
We arrived at camp in time to set up our tents and catch some horizontal sun rays.

We were then introduced to our dinner... some bisquick,
a mixing bowl, some water, and some cast iron pans
They finally pulled out the honey butter and jam and some apples.  This made the products of our labors very nice indeed.
I love skies... and this first night was not disappointing at all
We next had a visitor named Ephraim Hanks (one of the missionaries) who told about his life story... one word Obedient
The missionary couples were all so great... helpful, cheerful, gracious, and patient.  A big THANKS to them.
We received letters from a loved one and hit the rack fairly early. 
Some went really cushy... but hey, why not?
The next morning revealed that one of our 2 stoves was not going to be working this trip, so the great cooking staff made do.  
A great breakfast and a peaceful morning (weather-wise) took us into a warm and sunny day.
We made group flags...
and our group had found an antelope antler to top it off.

We walked back a few miles (5 or so) to Martin's Cove and had lunch and waited for our turn to visit the Cove.
There is a neat display of statues representing the young men who helped in the rescue by carrying Saints across the freezing cold Sweetwater River.
Lunch was nice... and the pavilion was a sweet escape from the sun.
there was a plethora of flags, carts, and coolers at the handcart parking
On our way up to Martin's Cove is Dan Jones' Cove. 
The trees provided a nice shady spot for a short message and a very inspired blessing from the Bishop 
The Spirit in the Cove was overpowering and words cannot describe the experience there.

Next, we would normally have crossed the Sweetwater, but due to extreme depths (chest deep), that was a no-go for this time.
So we waited it out and moved on to the women's pull

This was also a very emotionally touching experience.
These ladies are so tough!

We then hiked back to camp - totaling about 14 miles that day... and enjoyed some incredible food compliments of Jay S.  We then went over and had a good old fashioned square dance... which is all on video so no still images of that... and then we had a testimony meeting.  What a perfect day it was.  So much work, bonding, and spiritually full.
The next morning some of us woke up for the sunrise around 5:30 and it was a beauty.  
We packed up, had a breakfast, and then put our shoulders to the wheel for one last haul back to the visitor's center 6.6 miles back.  It didn't seem so bad this time.
Here are the leaders who were there.
What a blessing to be here... thank you for the opportunity.
The fam - 
and the whole gang - 
We then hit the Independence Rock for lunch and a hike to the top.

When are we going again?

Spencer is anxious to come next time... maybe next year we will be able to do this as a family.