Friday, April 30, 2010

The Roost

Paul and I went down to Robbers Roost this past weekend for an outstanding canyon. We did Big Spring in the High Spur area. We first did the Northwest Fork. And that was really nice. It was good to get back into the canyons. It really feels like a home away from home down there to me. We did that one in 3 hours and then moved to the West Fork. It was more technical, but no ropes... But the weather was pleasant (not above 70). And we hope the Disney crew down there shooting "127 Hours" doesn't draw a crowd to the area in our future. It is nice to have it to ourselves. Well, here is the video. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Raptors and Ice Cream

I have a deal with my scouts (and with my kids for that matter) that involves seeing hawk, falcons, owls, eagles, or other birds of prey. If they see the bird before I do and then I can identify it as positively a bird of prey, I owe them ice cream. I owe one right now, in fact. But if you are curious, there is a great website that a guy named Brian Wheeler contributed to. He took a bunch of pictures in the 1990s of birds of prey. His book is wonderful, but if you just want an online brief of it, here it is Try the side by side comparison once you get better at it. Watch out, it's kind of addicting, but it passes the time on long road trips quite well. And the rewards are sweet!
image taken from the referred site

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

reminiscence with a sad ending

On occasion, I get the chance to throw on a youtube video just to listen to 'old' music that I knew when I was younger. Well, this one was one of my favorites. I had this album by the Origin. I went to their concert and had it signed by the band members. Sadly, while on my mission, my sister had it in the car and it was stolen. Now all I have is memories of it. It is a collectors CD now and goes for $50. I imagine that signed CD would be worth a bit more. :( well, enjoy listening to it for me.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dragons and Skies

So I was totally enamored with the skies tonight.  I had my camera in the car with me on the way home from work; so these first two shots were taken out the passenger window while I was approaching my exit going 55 mph. 

This third image is just after the stop light while heading North, going much slower...

Still closer to home, but not our home...

And ninja boy in the backyard tonight

And finally... Amber and I went to see How to Train a Dragon tonight in 3-D... incredibly fun show.  Excellent... loved it!

And I think you can see the dragon in these next pictures...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Learning new things

Spence is learning to email this week.  He enjoys getting and sending messages to his grandparents. 
Seth is learning to eat more 'table food'. 
And Camille is learning to tie her shoes.  I love her expression in the last shot.

Oh, and a blast from the past (Almost 3 years ago)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

new lighting

Mommy's helpers (better than whining at her legs for food)

Yep, starting to sit up on his own for a few seconds. And rolling over both ways now. His smiles are contagious and plentiful.
Spence is doing great in school and looking forward to his baptism.
Camille is a big helper.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Deep Thoughts and my take on the iPad

What if freeway lanes were like relationships.  People couldn't jet out of one just because the other person was going simply too slow for them.  Or they couldn't just cut in on another relationship without warning.  Or drivers were something more than an anonymous piece of metal with 4 wheels inconsiderate of the safety and needs of others.  What if... you had to choose just one lane and stay with it for the long haul (until your exit from the freeway of life).  Maybe we would learn a little more patience, a little more responsibility for our actions, and a little more understanding.  But you better not get stuck behind a Hadco truck (or other rock hauling rig) who drops rocks all over your car and busts your windshield.  That's like an abusive spouse... only legal.

 iPad from Apple versus clipboard from Staples
I like practical technology as much as any average Jo (ok maybe a little more).  But it has to be practical and have real needed value for me.  My ipod has been just that... internet access (where WiFi is available), mp3 player for my scriptures/conferences/and music collection while commuting, an occasional movie or snipit from the Olympics, synchronized notes, some articles for reading, adress book, synchronized calendar, some emailing, some use of the photo repository, etc. etc.  And it fits in my pocket.  I take it most everywhere, and it docks in the car for use while in transit.  So the iPad... I am afraid that a 10 inch screen might be too obtrusive, demand too much attention (both by the user and the onlookers - a real issue at times), not fit in my pocket, and not allow me to take notes the way I need to. 
For me taking notes is an important activity... while in church and other meetings, while reading and pondering the scriptures, while at scouts, while preparing for these things, and for general journal writing.  Sure, some of this is done on the desktop computer while at home, but while away from that, the clipboard and/or notebook get the use.  I can take them into the field.  They can withstand some weather.  They don't need recharging.  Will I ever get an iPad? Who knows.  Will it be in the next few months?  Not likely.  By the way, there is a great article in the March Ensign about life unplugged.  Check it out!
Here is a quote from that article:
"Sometimes the most productive “point and click” application is that of pointing our finger at the power button and clicking our digital devices off.
Let us recognize the need for personal revelation; develop the desire for these divine communications; seek revelation through scripture study, prayer, and pondering upon the mercies of God; and obey His commandments. "
"an overreliance on technology can also create boredom with lower-tech activities... We cannot simply point and click on or download a personal, revelatory relationship with our Heavenly Father."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

moving :(

Well, you dread the day you have to tell your neighbors your moving... especially our wonderful neighbors. But when you run out of room and find the right deal... you gotta do it. So here's the scoop. We hope to close on the new place by the end of April and rent our house out.  The nice thing is that it's just down the road, so we will won't be far from 'home', so to speak.