Friday, October 22, 2010

awk, we're doin' just grand

we have had such a lovely time in Ireland so far. Our flight wasn't really too bad, except for Amber's knees keeping her from sleeping. So she slept as I Tyler tried to navigate a car through Dublin. We found Howth without a hitch (it's only a few miles from the airport). And it was a beautiful sunny day. A little windy, but still gorgeous for Ireland in October. We had a little snack at a Tea Room and met a nice native of Howth named Jimmy. His son owned the Tea Room. The hot chocolate and biscuit really hit the spot. Then we went to the summit and had a look over the city and ocean.
We then meandered (got lost) getting through the city to Tallaght, where we were to stay. We checked into the hotel, which I need to take a picture of, and then went over to the Shannons. We had a wonderful dinner and evening chat. Skipping ahead... we took a swim the next morning, had our breakfast and then headed down to the city on the Luas (train like our Trax)
We visited some of the sites, had a nice lunch at an Indian restaurant and then saw more sites. We went back to St. Patrick's Cathedral for their service and there was a nice choir that sang. and the acoustics in there are great. I will have to add pictures when (if) I can find a converter that works (long story). Cheers for now.

In the Atlanta airport on the way over
From 20101020
Amber at the Catholic Church on Howth
From 20101021
In the TeaRoom on Howth
From 20101021
Out front of the store where the TeaRoom is
From 20101021
Our rented car (blue) next to the church
From 20101021
the Irish sea from Portmarnock
From 20101021
The Shannons (all but Kevin)
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

camera/lens for sale D300s

While I don't have any immediate weddings lined up to shoot, I thought I would sale a camera and lens (I have too much equipment currently).  At any rate, I thought I would let family and friends have first bids on these if interested.  First, the D300S (which is still the latest and greatest pro-sumer camera).
Features I really like are the
-51 point 3D focus
-live view (also does HD movies with stereo sound)
-watertight, mag-alloy body (very durable and built to last)
-controls on the body (rather than in the electronic menu)
-dual memory card slots (SD and CF slots)
-auto cleaning sensor
This camera only has about 7,000 actuations (these are rated for atleast 150,000).  I have had it for less than 1 year and only, so it comes with Nikons warranty. It shoots 6 frames per second and it has a quiet mode as well.  This body sells at bhphoto for about $1450

Secondly, the lens.  This is the workhorse lens.  It is a prime lens (which means f2.8). It is a professional lens and has an incredibly fast focus.  It comes with a bayonet (not pictured here).  This lens sells at bhphoto for about $1350
 I will be asking $2300 on KSL next week for the combo,
but family and friends deal is only $2100 (lens and body may be sold separately)

Here are pictures of mine:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010


We received much light and knowledge from the good leaders of the Church today. Some of the things that come to mind of a practical nature were: introduce yourself to someone new each day, each week introduce yourself to someone at Church. The Church needs more worthy missionaries. Get out of debt, including your mortgage. Beware of pride. Two lines of communication to God: personal and priesthood, and how they are related.  Early to bed and early to rise is more than just a trite quote, it's a commandment. 
It was so nice to be together as a family to hear the things that are of greatest importance to our souls.
Here are some pictures from this day.
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Spence dressed himself... lovely!

From 20101003_to_post
From 20101003_to_post
Grouchy face  mommy :)
From 20101003_to_post
From 20101003_to_post
From 20101003_to_post
From 20101003_to_post
Loves to swing! Crazy how grown up and independent he is becoming.