Sunday, January 29, 2012

picture a day

One of my New Years goals was to take a picture a day...  it's not been a perfect month, but close.  Here are a few of the shots...
Scott up on his dresser... he's a percher allright... dressers and counters alike

Seth is more difficult to shoot.  He is our mover... and our sportsman

This is from a walk on the path near our home.
Sam sure likes his screen time.  Sometimes he is even learning.
Camille's 8th birthday was this month.
Seth with his next sport in the works.
Hangin' out in the playroom
Camille's photo shoot in the dining room for her baptism announcements
Sam with the shared hat - they all wear it 
30 hawks, one field, one wonderful hour in a field a mile from home
Amber's flower
Scott still my most patient subject to photograph.  Thanks buddy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Canyon in January

We left Sunday night. It was 23 degrees in Wellington... 44 degrees at our campsite at 9:30 when we arrived. The stars were beautiful and abundant. The wind was cranking - all night and all day. Although we had some respite in the canyon where we didn't feel much wind at all. But we did find ice that we couldn't help but break through and find the muddy water below. A big hats off to Brian for carrying the two boys across the last pothole of water/mud/stench. And Happy Birthday Brian. It snowed on us as we approached the car after the canyon. But the drive home was uneventful. Great trip. Big Spring Northwest Fork. -Paul, Zhon, Brian, Noah, Spencer, and Tyler. We returned home on Monday night around 7:30

Monday, January 9, 2012

the past week

I was able to take these two kiddos on a walk/scooter ride last week.  
We sure were loving the warm weather :)

Then on Saturday, as it turned cold, we took a trip up to the cabin... it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Seth had his tongue out catching snowflakes all the way in (1/2 mile).  The snowflakes sat on his eyelashes.

Thanks again to Grandma Mower for hiking these troopers in and out of there- we love Grandma, yes-sir-eee.