Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Camille is such a great older sister. she is very concerned with Scott's needs. She definitely indulges him, and it's adorable.

In addition, great news today! Sam went to have an EKG and an echo-cardiogram done... and, things look absolutely wonderful. His right ventricular pressure is down to normal, his heart size looks great (used to have some cardiomegaly (enlarged heart)) and doesn't need a follow up until August 2009. What a blessing. We are elated.

We also met someone from Orem today whose daughter is about 20 months old. She also has Down Syndrome and had Dr. Hawkins do her heart surgery at 5 months and now is doing so well.

Also, Spence, as well as many other neighborhood kids, did a fabulous job today at their dance festival.

And finally, Daddy was turbo-excited to see his first horny toad ever. It's pretty much my favorite reptile. Found just north of the White Roost Canyon in Robber's Roost.

Click here for location of horny toad

Parting Shot... Taken at 7:41pm on 5/18/08 in front yard with f4.5 at 1/250 sec with ISO 200 with 17mm lens

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Captain Jackson

So we are American Idol watchers... and hats off to David Cook. We would have voted for Archuletta. We like the purity of his voice. But David Cook is a gentleman and a good singer. They are both great!

The funny thing was Randy's jacket. I thought I recognized it from some very early TV show days. And with a quick google search... sure enough... "so check it out dog"


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


well, camille and spence are still at it... saying the funniest things. we try to write some of them down... but they are difficult to recall at times after a long day of fun and not-so-fun (long story with Spencer and defiance lately).
Anyway... Camille is out with Daddy in the yard today and Daddy is pulling weeds. He asks Camille to get Spencer's hat out of the flower garden (it's been there for a day or so) and she says "Ya, we don't want Spenco's hat to gwo!"

And Spence is pretty observant, and oh so divulging. First of all... Daddy and Spencer went out for ice cream on Monday night because Spencer seemed to need some attention. Well, we got talking about what he wanted to be when he grows up. He still wants to be, among many other things, a spy. So we got the low-down on what it takes to be a spy. The job requirements include, you have to work at night, you have to listen really well to people, and have friends who can work with you at night.

And finally... two girls at school called him a girl. He said one sits next to him and apologized for saying it. He said she repented to him. "But the other one didn't repent." He told me who it was, and I knew her from the animal project last week. I said "Is she the one with dark hair and some freckles". "Yah, dark hair, blue eyes and a cute face" Spence added.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hogle Zoo

well, we bought an annual pass to the zoo this year. We should have done this last year when we went to San Diego zoo twice (zoo passes give you discounts around the country, I hear). At any rate... it was a wonderful day to be at the zoo. Spence just did his project on leopards, and the weather has turned lovely and warm. So we got there around 2pm. we realized that the stroller had a flat (I had patched 2 holes in it a week ago). So we ran down to foothill village and grabbed a patch kit and extra inner-tube; although we ended up not needing them. it held air fine after a good inflate. So the zoo was a little crowded, but as the time neared 5pm, it was really quite empty. We left for home around 5:30. The kids did so well... they especially loved the soft ice cream cones. The reptile house has to be our favorite attraction. Spence was able to locate one of the iguanas in the middle area, and daddy found the sloth. Anyway, Click Here for the pictures

back in the saddle

so i dusted off the bike and went for a ride yesterday... and enjoyed a good 17 miler. A nice flat ride (only a couple of minor declines and inclines). The shoulder was a little dirty, but not bad on a mountain bike. I was passed by a road bike on my return home, but he worked well as a pacer. I would recommend this ride to someone who is looking for a good flat route and has an hour to ride. Probably stay away from alpine highway at rush hour though. The weather was perfect and the traffic was mainly school letting out around 3 pm. Now I just have to talk Amber in to enjoying a vigorous ride.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not a dream

So, it's real... we woke up this morning, and Scott is really here. And the eating every 2 hours through the night and Amber's soreness. And we're happy he's here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One more this evening

thanks for your support and phone calls and comments. We thank our Heavenly Father for good family and friends who love us so dearly. We feel so blessed to have Scott in our family. The kids were so cute with him tonight. We were really struck by Sam's instant acceptance and sincere smile when he saw Scott for the first time. The Lord really blessed things to have gone so smoothly today, even with the little drama that we had for a few minutes.

Announcing Scott Cameron Gerritsen

born 5-6-08 at 5:15pm
7lbs and 20.5 inches

More pictures in an hour or so...

Monday, May 5, 2008


So, we think (hope) this baby is ready! Stay tuned. The schedule is to have him born tomorrow before dinner... but you know how that goes... he may wait until evening or later. As for the name... we're not sure yet. We have about 3 names we really like... but it's not fair to share until he is official... so you'll have to wait.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Family Birding Night

So it was a magical night for me. For months I have been hoping to get out with the kids and the binoculars and spotting scope and enjoy some bird-watching. There is a little pond down the road called Allred's Pond. We didn't know what to expect, I had just read about it somewhere. So we followed the Highway 73 out just past the Jordan River and took a right. Well, there it was. I think it's private property... but the gate was open and no one was around. There was a large abandoned tire we could all plant ourselves on. So we gave it a go. The kids were surprisingly interested and could see the birds through the scope and binoculars. All but Sam, of course. But we counted 15 species all-in-all. Granted 2 were on the way home. But it was a joy to be there in the evening with the whole family. It was indeed one for the memory book.
On the way back, Spence saw a bunch of black birds in a tree. I just assumed it was a big flock of starlings. But we stopped anyway, and come to find out, it was a tree full of yellow-headed blackbirds in full color. Nice find, Spence! I recommend a little drive over the river to anyone looking for a nice respite from the "city". Beware though, Camille will tell you multiple times that it smells like cows. They share the pond with you, it is true.

List of Species:
yellow-headed blackbird
american pelican
swainsons hawk
red-winged blackbird
western grebe
rock dove (pigeon)
night heron
american robin
glossy-faced ibis
california gull
mallard duck
northern pintail
american crow
one more-can't remember