Monday, July 30, 2007

Sam has lots of energy... loves being free to roll around again and play with the other 2 kids. This morning he even was in his reclining bouncy seat (buckled in) and in an attempt to free himself, tipped over and squirmed out. He then rolled down the hallway to wake up Camille. We are still praying that he doesn't get any infections, inside or out. Thus far, the wounds are healing. Thanks again for your fasting and prayers.

Spencer is feeling much better today (back to 100%) and Camille is great so far.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday morn'

It is Sunday morning... Sam is doing very well. He is still eating well and a very happy camper. When he smiles now, he shows his teeth... way cute. Sam is a little cautious of his belly, but he is still rolling around the house and playing like always. He loves to play with the kids downstairs in the playroom. He had Spencer's plastic sword yesterday and was swinging it around, hitting everything and everyone within reach... including Camille's head and Mommy and Camille's Lincoln Logs house.

Today Spencer is ill... he threw up twice last night and once this morning, but I haven't heard him complain yet; just explain to me that he can't play with friends because it is Sunday, but can't go to church since he is sick.

We will hope no one else gets his sickness.

Mommy is still sleeping due to her being the one who found Spencer sick last night and had to clean his bedding.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Home, sweet home!

Sam and Amber came home Friday afternoon! Everyone was so happy to be home and back together again. Sam is doing really well. He is drinking his bottle well and eating a little. Thank you all who prayed for Sam. we love you all.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

post surgery day 1

If you click HERE
, you can see the pictures of Sam's current wound. Although it may look nasty, it is in good shape and is very clean. It's about 2x2.5 cm and about 1 cm deep. He was able to drink one ounce of his soy drink, so we now wait for an hour and increase his food.
This is a link regarding g-tubes, to give an idea of where the fistula developed (a hole between the stomach and the skin that had to be taken down).

Had we to do this over again, we never never would have done a g tube. An NG-tube (from nose to the stomach) would have been just fine for those 2 months Sam needed feeding. In fact some people we have talked to have done the NG tube for years and it was no big deal. So much for the opinion of some doctors. One thing we have learned through all of this is that our decisions for our children's health are just that, our decisions. The doctor can help influence those decisions, and there are times to turn over their care to a surgeon, but doctors' decisions often need to be challenged by the reason of the parents. ...more to say on this later, I am sure.

All that aside, Sam is looking great this morning... throughout the night he was still quite 'drugged-up' from the anesthesia. They had him on a little bit of supplemental O2. This morning (at 2am) they replaced his IV that came out over night. And this morning the wound care team should be here to change his stomach dressing. He no longer needs the supplemental oxygen.

Sam is smiling and in great spirits. We are trying to keep on top of his pain and assess when he needs to be medicated. Now it is a matter of keeping him infection free for a month or so in order for his wounds to heal.

Surgery report: they created another entrance line in his abdomen, took the stomach away from the muscle and skin, took a small portion of the stomach tissue away and sutured it up. Then they repaired the hole in the muscle tissue where the g-tube had been, cleaned up the old sutures, and decided to leave the skin tissue to close on it's own. They debrided the skin, and now it is a matter of daily dressings and keeping it clean.

We were really glad to have Dr. Downy as his surgeon.

And thanks again for all those who have prayed and fasted for Sam and watched Spencer and Camille for us.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Surgery day

Well, we think Sam will be in surgery today. This morning around 7:15 the power went out to the hospital. The backup worked, but the OR can't function in that condition. They restored power after about an hour and then it went out one more time for a shorter period.

Sam's stomach was leaky last night, but this morning is quite dry. That makes sense though, since they stopped his feeds last night around 4am. He is on IV fluids to try and keep him hydrated prior to surgery.

The time they gave us for his surgery time was noon, originally. We are afraid it will be an hour or more later considering the power outages and unexpected other things.

The nurse will keep us informed. Sam sure has had great nurses.

The pics are Sam at 10:30am waiting for surgery, watching the Berenstain Bears. Amber didn't sleep great last night, because Sam decided to stay awake and be held until 1 this morning. He slept a long time yesterday afternoon.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Special Fast

We are asking all of our family and friends that we can reach to fast for Sam tomorrow (Wednesday). This will be surgery number 4 on his stomach and we are praying and pleading with the Lord that this will be the last, if it is His will.
Thank you for supporting us. We feel so blessed to have Sam in our family.


Sam is feeling quite well today... he is so cute waving to all the people who come in to help him out. His stomach really isn't looking well, so his surgeon has scheduled to do his surgery tomorrow (Wed) We don't have a time yet.
But we are very appreciative of the many prayers that have been offered in his behalf. He needs a blessing of healing from the Lord.