Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well, the kids thoroughly enjoyed their time at G and G Mowers. In fact Spence was a little emotional today thinking about missing them. Their daddy was sure glad to be with them again, though!

And just prior to their trip we were blessed with a lovely visitor from Dublin. Thanks so much Avril for your visit. It was wonderful and a joy to be with you!

Here are some others:

Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1 -Conference Eve

Amber had the wonderful idea to hit a nice place to eat some quality Thai food and then head downtown SLC to walk around on temple square and get us all in the groove for General Conference tomorrow.  So here are some of the images.
-by the way... thanks a lot Jourdan for the April Fools treats :(  They were very convincing!

Spence using the boot scraper.

Camille in front of Grandpa's statue.

It was especially nice to touch the temple doors and remember who's house this is, and the times He has been here.

Sammy cheesin' it.

Such a photogenic edifice.

Dirty-faced young' un

Just as we were wondering where Camille had run off to.

Love the reflection pool.

Can't leave "Seffer" out