Friday, June 26, 2009

SKY tonight

The sky following the parade tonight was incredible in Lehi. Looking North to the mountains was such a show. I didn't catch the earlier stuff, but here are a few shots. Make sure you look for our neighbor who rides a sweet pink bike. And my favorite lighting of all happened tonight as well... Where the blank in the sky is lit from below as the sun goes down. And here is the rainbow it created. No lightning captured tonight, but this is way better to me than lightning.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Norway - 2009

Hold on to your socks. I widdled my 1000+ pics down to 395 for this slide show... don't stay up too late watching these. We were blessed with absolutely lovely weather. We went to one of the wettest and greenest countries and it only rained 1/2 of a day and a couple of nights. All the rain ended up back home. I hope I don't crash the picasa slideshow embedder with this gargantuan slideshow.
If it doesn't load, simply go to the album here and click through on your own.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If I had a million doll... wait, no... make that 50 million dollars

I have some wanderlust simmering on my platter, and I came across the perfect recipe to serve it up... a little heaven on earth... okay, not perfect... the price is completely out of reach...

And this is a completely different realm than the recipe to the eternal goal as linked here to Elder L. Tom Perry's talk on recipes.

...which reminds of something cute Spencer said about a month ago. "Dad when I make my own world, everything cool will only cost a dollar." So, I guess it's obvious he is learning to budget and save his money.

I digress... the punch line is coming. I have been blessed to visit some beautiful places on this earth... the Dolomites in Italy, Nepal (with it's immense mountains and tropical jungles), Thailand (ohhh Thailand and it's beautiful scenery, climbing on the beach, and exquisite food (all right, all right; the wanderlust comes to a heavy boil).

Here comes the pitch... a group of at least 12 people to share a 10,000 square foot house on your own island for about 10 days. Scuba diving, 40 perfect beaches, incredible food, epic views, magic shows put on by the owner of the islands (David Copperfield), outdoor full size movies, and incredible service. Price per person... around $40,000. That's right folks, only 40K. That does include meals. But you will have to get yourself there and back... or maybe just there. Ready for the pictures?

Scroll down to take a look. And don't forget to check out the website for details.

And where can you find more information about this paradise that only celebrities and the crazy-wealthy can enjoy... online... where else? at

And it is for real. Supposedly David Copperfield paid $50 million for these 11 islands in the Bahamas and has created his own paradise for wealthy visitors. And actually, I think for one night the minimum cost is $3,000 per person.

Okay, thanks for reading... back to reality now.

AND, if you want to catch my analyzing of a couple of these images, click here


THIS one was uploaded as a FLV file - converted before it was sent to youtube

Just testing out the new camcorder and how well it plays through to youtube... enjoy the silence...

THIS one was uploaded as a mpeg-4 file (m4v) and youtube did the conversion...

Any preferences on which one is better quality? Obviously the 2nd is brighter... that was done by youtube.